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NDT Services

Radiographic Testing

  • Radiographic Testing by using Iridium-192 Gamma Ray and Portable X-Ray machines
  • Jobs carried out by Trained and Certified NDT Level-I and Level-II Technicians
  • All radiographic procedures reviewed and approved by ASNT NDT Level 3
  • Technique Sheets prepared and approved by NDT Level3 for all types of jobs carried out
  • Results delivered to the client’s office within 4 hours of completion of jobs
  • Database maintained to retrieve the records date-wise, client-wise and job number-wise
  • Round the clock “on call service”

Ultrasonic Testing

  • Ultrasonic Testing services for raw materials, casting, forging and welding
  • Contact testing carried out at client locations and at sites
  • Immersion testing of smaller components like nuts, bolts, machined parts and larger parts with complex shape
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurement services at ambient temperatures and elevated temperatures
  • High temperature thickness measurement and flaw detection
  • Corrosion scanning and thickness survey
  • Ultrasonic Testing of T, K and Y joints as per RP-2X
  • Ultrasonic Testing of Structural joints and pipe joints as per AWS D1.1
  • All UT jobs are carried out using procedures approved by ASNT, ACCP, EN473 NDT Level 3
  • Free demo for new clients requesting our services

Magnetic Particle Testing

  • MPI crack detection for automobile components using Head shot and Coil shot
  • Bench type unit with maximum current rating 2000 Amperes and 5000 Amperes meets the requirements of ASTM E709 and ASTM E1444
  • Portable Prod Equipments upto 1500 Amperes are used for testing of raw materials and welds
  • MPI available with visible wet particles and Fluorescent wet particles
  • The concentrations of the particles are controlled by settling test with the values for visible particles 1.2ml to 2.4ml and for Fluorescent bath 0.1mL to 0.4mL
  • Electromagnetic yokes are available for testing of welds at site locations. To ensure safe working at location that are ‘intrinsically safe’ battery operated electromagnetic yokes are used
  • All MPI procedures are approved by ASNT NDT Level 3
  • Calibrated black light units (UV-A light) are used for all types of fluorescent magnetic particle examinations
  • Free demo for new clients requesting our services

Dye Penetrant Testing

  • Both visible red dye penetrant and fluorescent penetrant inspections at client locations
  • Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection for automobile and aerospace components is available at our lab facility meeting the requirements of ASTM E1417. All chemicals used meet the AMS 2644 standard
  • Facility can test upto 2000 components per day for larger production
  • All procedures are approved by ASNT NDT Level III
  • Free demo for new clients requesting our services

Visual and Optical Testing

  • Visual testing services are offered by using Fiber optic borescopes
  • Visual inspection of welding and raw material using optical aids
  • All procedures approved by ASNT NDT Level III
  • Records are provided as soft copy images, sketches and photographs

Eddy Current Sorting

  • Material sorting services using eddy current sorter equipment. This service is provided at client location if sufficient quantity job is given
  • Sorting helps in separating ferrous and non-ferrous raw materials mixed together in any condition
  • Eddy current testing of heat exchanger tubes during shut down and maintenance jobs to evaluate thinning of tubes. This helps in replacement of heat exchanger tubes
  • Flaw detection in raw materials and machined components
  • All procedures are approved by ASNT NDT Level 3